Cleveland's Premiere Haunted Event

Spooky Ranch at the Rockin-R-Ranch hosts 5 dynamic attractions that you will not find anywhere else in the Cleveland area.

You will scream, laugh, and be amazed…leaving you absolutely entertained!

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THE OFFiCIAL Bloody Mary Haunted House!

Spooky Ranch is proud to obtain the only license in the United States for the exclusive Bloody Mary Haunted House, previously at Universal Studios Orlando.

This will be Cleveland Ohio’s Premiere Haunted Event, being the biggest, best and scariest haunted attraction called “Bloody Mary’s Revenge.” Opening in fall of 2014, the new haunted house is jammed pack with detail and filled with the latest in special effects, Custom CGI, and custom built one of a kind actor-operated hybrid multi-motion animatronics. Folklore has it that the fear of Bloody Mary runs deep. I Dare You.

This haunted House is not recommended for young children, women who are pregnant or people with heart conditions.


Experience the psycodelic haunted crazy adventure wearing 3D glasses. 3D is the new generation of entertainment with crisp, bright ultra realistic images. Imagine monsters and clowns so life like you stepped inside a scary movie or video game. 3D adds depth that puts you in the thick of the scare and comes alive and flashes in front of you. Await the anticipation of crazed, psycho, frightful clowns.

haunted hayride
You then enter the Forest of Fear, where you will experience terror and suspense at every turn.  You cannot escape the monsters, ghouls and danger lurking in the foggy mist.  Hollywood high-tech scenes and sets with live actors await you.   The Famous Haunted Hayride combines scary with humor and surprises.  The use of pyrotechnics and larger than life 30 foot tall animated creatures will astound you.  The 25 minute ride attracts people of all ages including teens, families with children, couples, grandma’s & grandpa’s, scouting groups, church groups, and the bravest and strongest of men enjoy this spooky ride.  Come experience the best and most technically advanced haunted hayride in the state of Ohio.

The suspense starts when you exit your car and see the huge skull spitting fog with green eyes sitting atop the Haunted Barn. Your heart starts to pound even harder as you walk past the haunted barn to purchase your tickets, as you can’t help but the   strange noises and screams.  The Haunted Barn has the audience right where it wants them, captive, nowhere to run. 
haunted barn

Remember the fun we used to have at the old amusement park walking through the fun house?  Well, now you can enjoy it all over again.  This is an old style walk through attraction.  Look how funny you look in the mirrors, you can walk on the ceiling in the upside down room, and can you walk through the new spinning black hole tunnel? 3D surprises of all kinds await you.  The Funny Fun House is a unique attraction for people of all ages with unlimited trips through when tickets are purchased for any other attraction.  The Funny Fun House exits into our indoor farm market/Halloween store. 


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