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Customer Reviews of Spooky Ranch


Signed Mark

“I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The haunted houses around here have recently gotten tiresome and redundant. The kid’s (ages 16&11) loved it and wanted to go through again. The haunted house and hayride were quite good. The end of the hayride in the barn was downright theatrical… good imagination. Campy but original.”

Signed Vanessa

“I highly recommend that you experience this haunted house and hayride. It was well worth the money. My teenage daughter and I went, she is still talking about it and she is not easily spooked. Make it a family outing… you won’t be sorry. “

Signed Jeff

“Best haunted hayride I’ve been to. Great for the kids who want to try haunted activities for the first time. May not be good for kids who scare really easily. The trip through the barn at the end of the hayride is excellent. “

Signed Freaky DZ

“This was one of my all-time favorites. It’s still not bad, but geared more for the rookie haunted house goers… for our younger crowds. For people who want a scare without it lasting too long. There is a hayride and also a haunted house. Its been up and running for many years now, so that should tell you something good.”

Signed Rob

“The Hayride was great as always. The barn at the end of the hayride was like being in the movies. The new haunted house was the scariest, best haunted house ever. The fun house was cool but no actors in it.”

Signed Cathy

“Been doing a group there for 6+ years now. We would not miss it for the world. See you next year!”

Signed Martin

“This show is like none I’ve ever seen. Definitely was a remarkable and unique total experience from beginning to end. They have it all at this Haunted attraction, it’s not like an ordinary haunted house. You’ll have to see it to believe it! I’ve visited haunted houses across the country and this one really rates high.”

Signed Geno

“This Haunted House absolutely rocked! Scary as hell and was totally awesome.”

Signed Chuck

“Best Haunt in Cleveland, detail was great. Barn at the end was unbelievable,”

Signed Christie

“I feel like I got the bet bang for my buck. It was well worth the money.”

Signed Sarah

“Awesome…Freaky can’t wait to go again”

Signed Erica

“This was so much fun, I didn’t think it would be much fun because it was a hayride, but I was horrified! It was Awesome and they have this maze thing, which was scary too. Chain Saws, clowns, you name it, they had it. Had good food too, I totally recommend it.”

Signed Patty

“Best ever, I wet my pants and screamed so much I lost my voice”

Spooky Ranch at Rockin' R Ranch

Cleveland Ohio’s Premiere Haunted Attraction Event with 5 scary attractions!  Located at 19066 East River Rd in Columbia Station, OH 44028.

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